Friday, May 14, 2010

day 4 - waterville,pa to parker dam state park, pa

day 5 - waterville, pa to parker dam state park, pa. no clue on distance but if i had to guess - 80ish miles.

not real eventful today. woke up early and changed a flat. i met the owners of happy acres and some of their employees - great people. hooked me up with some ham and cheese and i hit the road.

the day was full of hills, small towns, back roads, no cell service - the boonies. and i liked it. there was very little traffic so i could ride in the center of the lane. i had absolutely no campground to get to so i took my time.

i took video and pictures even stopping to get off the bike and get some scenic shots.

i rode and rode and rode until i made it to parker dam state park. it was dark when i arrived so i sat up shop and hit the hay. i was awaken by thunder at 1am and it proceeded to rain all night.


  1. and then you found yourself in dubois, pennsylvania at Valley Dairy, where you ate delicious food and an extra chocolatey milkshake =) be safe!

  2. cassie - that part will come in day 6, don't you worry.