Friday, May 21, 2010

day 11 - shreve, oh to marion, oh - 72 miles

day 11 - shreve, oh to marion, oh - 72ish miles

i awoke early but snoozed for an hour (thats right, snoozed is now a verb meaning to push the snooze button repeatedly.) the cabin was damp as were my clothes from the previous day.

i used the stove for two reasons - boiling water for oatmeal as well as drying my gear. i rigged a broom handle over a burner for gloves and stacked chairs high enough to drape a shirt near the heat. finally dry and full, i hit the road around 9:30.

the day started cool and wet, full of hills and descents, rather uneventful really. i ended up pulling out the video camera and took some nice scenic shots as well as riding shots.

after 20 miles or so i stopped for coffee and ended up eating an oatmeal cream pie and jelly donut. that combo had me blazing as soon as i got back on the bike. but as i sat there eating, i couldn't help but overhear two women talking at the table next to mine. they were discussing finances and the trouble they were having making ends meet. one said, "i'm only pulling in $776 a month." just makes me realize how fortunate i have been in my life. if they knew what i spent in my bike, they may have just shit.

i powered through the rest of the morning and on into the afternoon when the sun finally came out. first time i had seen it in three days. when you spend all day outside, three days without sun is a long long time. and as the sun beat down on me the hills flattened and the road became a speedway.

out of no where another cyclist came up beside me - only the second cyclist i had seen since leaving new york state. we chatted about the ride and he told me where there was a good shop to buy some new break pads. the PA hills chewed mine up.

after stocking up i ran into a group of cyclists, those much more serious about cycling than me, and asked them where to find a grocery. they said to follow them and after about a mile they dropped me off. i stocked up in rations but saw a taco bell nearby. i think i ate there just because i could, oh, and i like it, just hadn't had it for a couple of years.

i cruised up to the hickory grove lake canpground where i met sharon. i was expecting a tent site but instead ended up with a small trailer, so small i couldn't stand up straight. it was once again great to have a bed to sleep on. just as it is nice to have a bed tonight where i am typing from right now - the kozy campground in celina, oh at the end of day 12. make sense? good night.

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