Friday, May 14, 2010

day 3 - blakeslee, pa to stillwater, pa

day 4 - stillwater, pa to waterville, pa. 85ish miles.

gotta dig the kindness of strangers.

i left whispering pines early during a misty rainfall. teresa saw me off and offered me practically everything in their store. i appreciated the kindness but there was nothing i needed or wanted to carry.

when i arrived in the town of millville, i sat a stop sign chomping some cashews when a dude, steve, walked up and started asking me about where i was headed. after some chitchat he invited me to eat breakfast with him and his pal wayne. and boy, did i accept that. i had had left over rice and pasta earlier and a real breakfast really hit the spot.

we ate at a local diner where everyone was friends and joked around accordingly. the conversation was real mellow - we discussed travelling, work, city life vs. rural life. i tell ya, i wish there was a place like this back in nyc.
after swallowing my food and slamming my coffee i was out and cruising.

after miles and miles i came to a hill the guys had mentioned at breakfast. twas the longest and most difficult climb i had come across yet. seemed to go up and up forever into dense fog which kept me from ever seeing the top. but what this climb did do was empty out my stomach and vanquish all my energy. it was time for a second meal.

i rolled into the town of jersey shore, pa after a fast descent off the mtn. i saw a place which read french toast on their sign so i went right in for another breakfast. after a large helping of b&g a couple approached me and asked where i was headed. i told them and they responded, "well, it looks like rain out there. why don't you stay with us?" i could tell these folks were genuine and not dodgy or anything, but i politely declined and explained my ride and sponsors and that people were expecting me. they pointed me to a back trail as to avoid the busy roadway up to waterville.

about halfway up i developed a slow leak bit decided to press on as to not get stuck in the dark. as i rolled into what i thought was waterville, three of the hillbilliest gentleman came up to me as i stared at my map.

apparently everything about me screamed outsider, from my socks to my bike to my helmet. we spoke for a while, me in my long slow colorado draw, and them with a thick country, backwoods accent. bob and tom knott, bros, and dave were their names. i came to learn that bob and tom are known as the 'not so right bros' in town.

we sat around dave's house for a bit, drank bud heavies, talked about the ride and routes. they wanted to take a photo with my bike and me so i told them we could use my phone and then i could email them the shots. they immediately burst into laughter, "email!" they exclaimed "boy, you dont know where you are!" Apparently i didn't. gonna have to print out the shots and send em via snail mail. those guys could have hung out all night. as the sky began to darken i headed to the campground.

on the way out a car rolled up beside me and shouted, " you riding for lymphoma?" i nodded. "i'm a reporter." so he took some photos as i cruised on my partially flat tire.

i arrived at happy acres planning to slip into a cool tent but to my surprise they hooked up a yurt! this place was dope. talk about luxury in the woods. hot shower, big bed, sofa, kitchen, tv where i caught up on the world.

the reporter, patrick, and i sat in the warm lodging and i gave an interview. seemed like a good one too. hopefully I'll see the article today.

solid day.


  1. Hey Andrew, here is the link to the article the reporter Patrick wrote about you:

    Very interesting people you are meeting on your way. It is really nice to hear that so many strangers are welcoming you and offering so much help and kindness! Good to know that there are good people out there! Keep on posting your reports, they are pretty cool and it's so interesting to read about your adventures! Keep the wheels spinning!