Monday, May 31, 2010

day 19 - hannibal, mo to monroe city, mo - 25 miles

day 19 - hannibal, mo to monroe city, mo - 25 miles

most of today was spent mending my rear tire. i got out early, topped off and hit the road. after 15 miles i noticed a small tumor growing out of the side of the tire. twas tube squeezing through the sidewall. i figured, 'hell, its prob gonna go soon, there aren't any good shops around, so i'll just go for it.

wiithin minutes the tumor was huge and thumping the frame. i patched the tire again but this time with a piece of rubber from an old tire. within a couple of miles the thump returned. i patched again with the rest of my rubber tire. that patch took me another 10 miles before the tire was shot but at least i made it to monroe city where there was food and shelter.

sone great news pinged my phone earlier that day. a pair of specialized armadillo tires were going to be shipped my way thanks to my lovely friend back in nyc.

so i posted up in the rainbow motel. a fine establishment you imagine finding in the plaines of america. the cig smoke aroma didn't bother me a bit as i layed in a comfortable bed, after a hot shower and in front of a tv. there i lay, stranded until late the next day.

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  1. I love making it to motels after long days spent in the jungle. Nice persistence buddy. Sounds like that room was cozy as can be.