Friday, June 11, 2010

Day 26 - Belle Plaine, KS to Hutchinson, KS - 75ish miles

Alright, alright...catching up here.

Today was fairly uneventful. The sun was hot, the wind was blowing (per usual), and I just rode. The distance was fairly short so I didn't get started till nearly 11am as I was really enjoying hanging with family. But after some steak and eggs, I departed.

It wasn't the fastest ride on account of the wind - unless I was heading north, then I flew. When the wind is coming from the south it's obviously not as tough as a head wind but it does slow you down a fair bit. Also makes you lean sideways so you don't get blown over which I guess would look hilarious.

I rolled into Hutchinson whilst the sun was still high in the sky, a rarity on this ride. And then, like a beacon of hope, I saw a giant bell. A bell that houses delicious food that sometimes triggers chronic-D. But this time, no D occurred and my taste buds danced amongst cheesy, crunchy, chickeny, tortilla-y goodness. After my second trip to the counter a woman asked "So, what are you riding for?" I turned around, surprised, "Lymphoma....etc" know the deal.

Well I ended up talking to this woman, Victoria, and her son for two hours. I pretty much heard her life story, and one piece of it i will share. Victoria had a prosthetic leg due to being run over by a car nearly 19 years ago. Sounds rough right? Well, the killer is that some asshole did it on purpose. It's ok to feel like shit at this moment. I know I did. Victoria had definitely come to terms with it and accepted it and was even jovial about the whole deal. I guess after 19 years you would have to come to terms, huh? Talk about adversity. Losing a leg, tough. Riding a bike everyday, easy.

Well as darkness approached I headed over to Sand Hills State Park to set-up camp. Welp, it wasn't so easy to find the campground, so under the cover of night I found a hiking trail. I wheeled my rig down the trail a bit, found a nice large bush and set-up camp behind it. I'm pretty sure the rangers would've been pissed. Sneaky sneaky.

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