Thursday, June 3, 2010

Day 21 - Moberly, MO to Sedalia, MO - 90ish miles

I woke up early and was welcomed with hot coffee from Emily's parents. Her parents own the apt, which Logan rents, and where i slept. They had me in for some french toast, hooked up some snacks for the day's ride and wished me well. They were great people to just have a stranger roll in for breakfast. Soak that in.

I was off and headed to Columbia, MO to stock up on bike parts. Tubes, CO2 and a patch kit were a necessity to have as I planned on entering no-man's land for the next few days. I could get stranded only 20 miles from a town but on a bike that doesn't run, that a long effin way. As I was cruising down, my brother, his pal Rich and their dogs rolled up in the opposite direction. It was great to see some people I knew and also to have an unofficial support vehicle with me for a short time.

My brother is a blossoming hot-shot photographer in the snowboarding industry right now, so when he told me he wanted to come and shoot some of this ride, I couldn't have been more excited. We're gonna get some bomb-ass photos out of this for sure. Much better than anything I'm producing with my little camera phone. We also took some video too. Be sure to check out his website Yes, check it.

We rolled around all day getting some real interesting shots. The camera ended up mounted to my bike in a couple different ways. The dudes would drive next to me while the camera extended on a tri-pod and pointed who knows where. I will say that it was one seriously creative day with some serious distance to cover and I didn't realize how much.

The temp was in the 90s most of the day but when 4pm rolled in, the heat increased to that of the sun. Sweat poured from my brow and even an air conditioned car wasn't that cool. The dudes even had to separate from me for a bit to grab water for the dogs so that they would stay cool. And the hills of SW MO challenged those in PA. I'm proud to say I haven't walked my bike up a hill yet but some of these guys really made me want to. I think i'm just too stubborn.

Welp, this lab i'm sitting in in Hutchinson, KS is about to close so I'll wrap it up. We rolled into the Sedalia, MO state fairgrounds where they had a small campground. Surprisingly it was wide open for being memorial day weekend, but who wants to camp within city limits when you can drive out to the woods? About 5 people, that's how many. Twas convenient though.

Be on the look-out for awesome photos.


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