Friday, June 11, 2010

Day 25 - rest day in Belle Plaine, KS

I hadn't seen my Aunt Diann for nearly 3 years so it made sense to rest for a day and just chill out. My cousin was also there, Brad, with his two girls, ages 12 and 10 - rascals. Aunt Diann is truly a bad-ass lady - makes great food, can fix just about anything, use to run some mean barrels and is absolutely as nice as can be and full of life and energy.

We had a leisurely morning, full of eating of course, and Brad, the girls and I headed to the local water park. Wow, i felt old and a bit creepy. The pool was full of teenagers, kids and parents. Not a whole lot of 20 somethings to be found. Brad played with his kids so I posted up in the lazy river and just stared into the sky, resting. All around me were kids and if you haven't noticed I have a bit of a hobo beard going, which sorta makes me look homeless. If i'm not on a bike or wearing the attire, I kinda look like I wandered in off the street. I'm not sure if anyone thought anything of my presence, but honestly I was a bit self-conscious in there. Just imagine if you saw a bum floating in the lazy river. You may be a bit concerned, right? Either way it was nice to be in some cool water.

The rest of the day was filled with some great conversation and catching up. I definitely learned a few more things about my pops that I didn't know before. It's always great to hear stories about your folks from when they were younger and loved to party and travel and have adventures.

After traveling 300+ miles in three days it was great to get a day of rest in and not burn away more of my skeleton physique. The next day, I am Colorado bound. booyah.

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