Wednesday, June 2, 2010

day 20 - monroe city, mo to moberly, mo - 45 miles. hello friendo.

day 20 - monroe city to moberly, mo - 45 miles.

today was short because it didn't start until 4pm. i loitered around the rainbow motel all day waiting for new tires via fed ex. i stayed in my room until after checkout and then moved everything outside onto the sidewalk where i sat in a lawn chair until 3pm. after helping the motel owner hoist his american flag in honor of memorial day, fed ex arrived.

i arrived at the campground at dusk. the campground paralleled a frisbee golf course, friom which, two players approached and asked about the ride. their names were logan and danny and they offered a cool anchor steam beer. after a bit of talk, logan offered his place up for the night instead of the campground - i gladly accepted. that is what traveling is all about, meeting people, and all sorts of them.

logan had a sweet apt. it was basically a large open loft sitting above a garage. danny, emily (danny's wife), logan and i sat around most of the night drinking home brew, compliments of logan. was some pretty good beer for sure.

it was nice to make some cool friends in a random town. i fell asleep looking forward to the next day because my brother and his friend, rich, were en route to meet me for a day of photography action. check out his site at

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