Monday, March 29, 2010

Welcome Axis Labs! My First Sponsor!

Finally these stick legs of mine are getting some help thanks to my friends over at Axis Labs.

Obviously diet is very important when it comes to sports training. If you've been watching me eat, and smash food into my face for the last two months you may think that I'm not consuming the right foods. And you know what, you'd be right. I ate an entire pizza this evening. I'm definitely not watching what I'm eating nor do I really care. The only nutrient I'm really concentrating on is protein because I need to get these legs of mine boosted and really growing. I can pretty much eat whatever right now because in a month I'll begin wasting away while the quads grow. They'll grow so big i'll have to wear a fanny pack because I won't be able squeeze my hands into my pockets they'll be stretched so tight. You've seen Hulk Hogan right?

If any of you live in NYC you know that food is incredibly expensive and buying meat is even more so. Where does protein live? IN MEAT!! (and eggs and beans of course) but meat is where the gold is. It's what I try to include in every meal, but jeeubs, it's pricey. I was speaking with a great friend of mine a couple weeks ago and we were talking about nutrition. He stressed the importance of protein to help build and replenish the muscles worked while cycling - the legs of course. And it just so happens that my friend works at Axis Labs and he was able to convince them to sponsor my nutritional needs before and throughout the ride.

At the moment a 5 lb tub of muscle producing man power is chilling on my tiny little kitchen counter top, thanks to Axis. I couldn't be more thankful to these guys for helping out. During the ride they're going to send out care packages to scheduled stops and stays. Now you may ask yourself, "how do they know where you'll be and when?" Well it just so happens that I've recently acquired another sponsor who is going to help with accommodations. But that's a post for another time. For the time being show my friends at Axis some love.

Grow legs grow!!

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