Monday, March 29, 2010

A Bit of Style and Flavor is Now on Sale

So you haven't donated yet - no problem, that is not a requirement. But if you're looking to literally show your support for A Ride Against Lymphoma, I've put some designs and logos onto t-shirts and hoodies and am now slangin' em like flapjacks at ihop.

I'm selling this attire in an effort to raise funds for all things associated with the ride, such as, gear, the thousands of calories I'll need to consume as well as dinero for the Lymphoma Research Foundation.

Now you may think that the pricing on the t-shirts is a bit high. I know I would think that if I were just buying a shirt. But the beauty here is that you're buying more than just a shirt. You're buying something that stands for something. You're buying something with character and value. And it's original to boot.

I'll be straight-up with you guys. Due to the nature of the made-to-order work flow and the production costs of Cafe Press, I'll be making $8/t-shirt and $10/hoodie. I actually think the hoodies are fairly priced.

So have a look, grab something unique and help the cause. CLICK HERE.

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