Sunday, March 14, 2010

The Gear Box

Here it is, my gear box. This one cardboard will house my supplies and necessities for the adventure. Seems a bit barren, right? It's gonna take a fair bit of work and dinero to fill this thing up but bring it on. Fortunately, I've landed a gig working with NBC to edit some commercials for Canada Tourism - yeah, I know, Canada...but I kid.

Thanks to Bonktown I've acquired three recent items: that bike pump you see there on top and two pairs of 'real' bike shorts with padding - chamois butter to come. The next thing I wanna put in this box is a couple of moisture wicking shirts. Any suggestions? Maybe some tights, i guess? The most important things are in here though - a tent, sleeping bag (not in the box, but close) helmet, stove, utensils and a water purifier.

Though now that I think about it, the next purchase will be some panniers. Anybody have any experience with those? I can see it now, fully loaded bike, friends standing outside to see me off, I ride about 100 feet wobbling incessantly, and smack, the bike and I hit the pavement. Can't wait! Gear, gear, gear - though need to stay light. Perhaps I'll cut the handle off my toothbrush. That'll do it.

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