Thursday, July 29, 2010

back in the good ol state of co.


  1. Andrew email me at (from there I will send you my cell number). I work with gocamping america and am also good friends with Michael Gatchis. I have been following your entire trip. I would like meet up with you sometime.

  2. Hey, Andrew, don't give up on this blog. You made a big impression on me, and I'm certain that your travels touched upon many lives. Personally, I would love an update of how things turned out for you, and certainly a reflection upon the whole experience.

    I have to tell you that after I met you, I went up to Winthrop, WA, to meet a good friend of mine. I shared my meeting with you in that little cafe, and how motivated I was personally to do a bike trip (although I think I would go West to East, with the wind).

    Anyway, my good friend and I started plotting. His wife suggested that we try an "overnight," first. Amusing but sane.

    What an accomplishment! I hope it was immensely satisfying for you!

    I wish you all good things, but I want you to finish the story (or tell the story from start to finish).

    All good things to you, Andrew!

    Jack Meyer