Thursday, February 18, 2010

Hey, Boy! Are those your legs or are you ridin' a chicken?!

I'm not sure how many times this comment has been thrown in my direction from a certain friend of mine, but I always come back with the same response; "No chicken here, just a pair-o-stick-legs." Skinny? yes. Lanky? yes. Calves thinner than table legs? yes. Strong? ummmm.....sure. Are they gonna carry me across the country? Damn right.

Less than three months till departure and training is now in full force. Yes, I was going to start two nights ago, but I was suddenly approached by an invite for an open bar, post-workday. I'm not talking hours and hours of binge drinking, but instead a quaint hour of beers and friends. I feel it's much more important to keep/maintain/begin friendships than to sit in a gym and spin during a cold night in New York. Friends are the ones that will always be there, well actually, this may not be the most accurate statement, but at least a handful of them will be. And for that handful, I am grateful.

Alright - enough sap. Training. It's simple really. Ride, ride, ride and ride some more...maybe I'll even do some squats. I don't have a sophisticated plan as you would find in Bicycling mag, perhaps I shall adopt one, but for now I'll cruise my Specialized cycle when the weather is decent, otherwise you'll be sure to find me in the gym swimming, spinning and lifting.

As the weather improves over the next couple-o-months, and my gear starts to accumulate, I'll begin making long overnight rides in the tri-state area. Gear-up with all my planned supplies and head out to Montauk (do some surfing), Heckscher State Park, Fahnestock, or just long day rides through the five bouroughs. If anyone would like to join or even offer up the miraculous ride you've been dying to tell someone about, please reach out. This saturday is supposed to be great and I'll be cruising into Central Park for a few laps and small hills.

And then there is diet - but I need to give that one some more thought. In the meantime I'm gonna grab a pint of Half-Baked and think it over.

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  1. Dear Andrew! Love your plan! may I make a suggestion to lighten your load? hair cut?? it will prob help if you can see while you bike. LOL! xoxo